We have been supplying investment castings since 1990, to many different industries. Automotive, petrochemical, mining, valve pump, military, railroad, construction, agriculture, as well as others, have all benefited from our casting expertise. Our state of the art facility incorporates the lost wax and lost foam investment casting process. We use robotics, prototype equipment, in house non-destructive testing, heat treat, casting assist equipment, wax assembly automation equipment, as well as a sound preventive maintenance plan to keep our shop floor operating at optimum capacity.

Materials£ºCarbon Steel, Alloy Steel, Grey Iron, Ductile Iron, etc.
Processing: Lost wax casting, Investment casting, Sand casting, Gravity casting and the secondary processing when required like machining, surface finishing, assembly, etc.
Product weight range: from 100 grams to 50 kg
Manufacturing Capacity: 25,000 tons annually
Standard sample lead time: 30 days